Online Collaboration Resources

Listed on this page are various systems and locations available for document sharing and collaborating. Why deal with the hassle of sending email attachments back and forth, resulting in multiple versions of a shared document on multiple computers? Use any of the following solutions to collaborate on projects or assignments with the ease of a single document in a single location.

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Online Collaboration Resources
  • BishopApps Drive Documents 
    • Pros: Allows for real-time editing of documents, spreadsheets, or presentations by multiple people. Optionally convert Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files into Google Docs. Download files into several formats, including PDF. Docs can be embedded in other web sites. Version history and discussions are built-in.
    • Cons: Sometimes incompatible with documents featuring advanced formatting or features.
  • Blackboard
    • Pros: This course management or learning management system (CMS/LMS) is ideal for sharing files and resources with a class of students or a committee, especially when students will be graded for their use or participation. Create online tests, quizzes or surveys–or other online assignments–with automatic grading. Divide the class into groups and assign separate tasks to each. BishopApps sign-in enabled.
    • Cons: The interface can be difficult at times. The Grade Center is not as flexible as a spreadsheet.
  • OWU Network
    • Pros: Easily customizable, hierarchical file/folder structure. Holds all kinds of files and programs. BishopApps sign-in enabled.
    • Cons: Only accessible while on campus or connected to campus via VPN.

Ex: //polaris/shared/Not web-based. Only accessible while on campus or on VPN. Restricted student access. Mac users must manually connect. Software to open/edit files must be installed on local computer.

Custom Website  This is simply a personalized web address (URL) for a site or a wiki. It’s typically a subdomain of It can be used in conjunction with BishopApps Sites, and more.


The site itself must be built elsewhere, such as BishopApps Sites, or with a web development software such as Dreamweaver or Expression.

Evernote Auto-synchronize your notes between all the devices you use, whether Mac, PC, mobile device, or the Web. Notes can be shared with others, as you specify. Notes may also be pictures.40 MB/month upload limit with free version. Notes on mobile devices are restricted to plain text format. This service is not provided by OWU. Contact the vendor for full support.

DropBox Auto-synchronize all kinds of files between all the devices you use, whether Mac, PC, mobile device, or the Web. Files or folders can be shared with others, as you specify.Software to open/edit files must be installed on local computer. This service is not provided by OWU. Contact the vendor for full support.

BishopApps Calendar Create and share calendars, easily invite people to join an event and they can accept the invitation with a single click. Calendar can be embedded in other web sites.Not easily exported into other apps. Integration with other apps is also difficult.

BishopApps Sites Easy way to create and share webpages, rich in content. Many templates and widgets provided. Version history and discussions are built-in. Formatting options are limited.


BishopApps Groups  For creating and managing groups with online discussions. Each group gets its own email address. Several subscription options. Limited to email and online communication only–no pages or files features.

YouTube*  Watch, upload and share videos. Now available within BishopApps. Limited to video sharing.

*These services are not yet fully supported by Google within Google Apps for Education. However, OWU Information Services will do everything we can to support the campus community in its use of these apps.

Some Sample Situations and Recommended Solutions


  • Share/Collaborate With
    • Recommended Solution(s)

I would like to share course materials with my class

  • A predefined group of enrolled students
    • Blackboard – Course enrollments are automatically uploaded. All you need to do is upload your content and make the course availableto the students.

I would like to share documents with a group or committee

  • A group of people whose email addresses you have or names you know
    • Blackboard – Good for faculty who are already familiar with this system. Less simple and easy to use than BishopApps Documents.
    • BishopApps Documents – A generic online file repository for all types of files. You can share specific files or whole folders with individuals or share with anyone you send the link to. Very easy to use. Real-time online collaboration also available.

A group and I would like to work on a document together

  • A group of people whose email addresses you have or names you know
    • BishopApps Documents – The easiest way to collaborate on a shared document online. Authors can see the changes that other authors are making in real time. Google keeps track of version history, showing who contributed or edited what, and you can revert back to an old version at any time. This works in documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings. These can be shared with named individuals, everyone you send the link to, or everyone at OWU BishopApps.

I want to share my work or a classes work with the World Wide Web

  • The broad public
    • BishopApps Sites – A Google site can be collaboratively built by a group of people and then published to the Web when ready. This keeps track of version history and allows reverting to an old version. Google provides several templates and tools, and many web objects can be embedded.
    • Designing/Developing your own site using a program such as Dreamweaver or Expression – These are both robust web design/development tools with lots of features. With this solution you will need to find a place to host your site, such as

Got any other situations or scenarios you’d like suggestions for? Let us know.

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