Google Appointment Slots for Easier Scheduling

For simple and efficient scheduling of office hours, professors and students have been using Google’s Appointment Slots feature.

Google Calendar’s feature, Appointment Slots, allows users to share their open office hours with others and accept appointments directly onto their calendars. Users can block out time slots available for appointments under a certain title. Then, others simply need a link to the Appointment Slots web page, which also shows them their own calendars, and they can schedule the necessary appointments.

Among University faculty who use Appointment Slots are Assistant Professor of Economics Dan Charna, Associate Professor of Politics and Government Ashley Biser, and Professor of Education Paula White. Some include a link to their Appointment Slots web page in their email signature to make it easy for students and others to find. Charna says he and his students have enjoyed the convenience and ease that Appointment Slots provide: “It is so much easier than using a paper sheet hung on your bulletin board.”

Professor Charna adds that instead of having students email him to ask for appointments and ending up with a disorganized pile of appointment requests, Appointment Slots streamlines the process into several quick steps. Students can reserve a slot whenever they’d like—any time of the day, night, or week. Once they do so, the slot is blocked out directly on their own calendar. If the professor needs to cancel, the student will automatically receive a notification. The clean interface also allows students to see which slots are unavailable, so professors don’t have to double check their schedules every time an appointment is requested.

Google Appointment Slots is a feature available through OWU BishopApps Calendar and is supported by Information Services, which is happy to help with its use. More information can be found on the Google Calendar Help site.