Testing Amazon S3 for streaming audio

musical notes

musical notesWe’re looking for another solution for our OWU Radio station’s show archives. They’ve previously been simply uploading them to the WordPress server where we host their site. This has quickly gown into double-digit GB storage usage for their site alone. Before we migrate that site to the new server, which is on our net backup solution, we needed to find some other place to host archived show recordings, which can be up to an hour long, and dozens of MB each.

We first tried Google Drive, because we get unlimited storage there with our G Suite for Education accounts. However, Google can’t scan files over 25 MB for viruses, so it won’t automatically stream anything large. Instead, you have to OK the fact that it hasn’t been scanned.

So we’re trying out Amazon S3 instead. It’s got a free tier with up to 5 GB for the first year. Pricing for storage is ridiculously low after that, and you can pay as you go for only what you use.

And here’s the test:

(Sorry, your browser does not support this audio player. You should probably upgrade your browser.)

We’re also looking into Adobe Creative Cloud storage, since the station already has a CC membership plan…

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