Information Overload at ILiADS 2015

I was composing a list of new tools that have come up in discussion and/or are being supported this week…

When you go to a conference–or, in this case, an institute–you typically learn of new tools to try, tools that might save you time or allow you to do something special in your courses. This being an institute for project teams, there’s a lot of focus on tools and methods.

There’s also a lot of focus on collaboration and new people to meet and colleagues you haven’t seen in a while to catch up with and consortia and communication and…

This being an institute, rather than a conference, there’s also been work to do, and we’ve made considerable headway on our project. I’m learning a lot about Omeka and Neatline, tools we’re using for the project.

Then in one of the panel presentations a colleague shared something that gave me pause: Slow Scholarship.


This was much needed, and I’ve been ruminating on it (and everything else) since…

Oh, but instead of compiling a list of tools on my own, here’s a link to the “Google Doc of Google Docs”: Useful resources for ILiADS Attendees, which has a link in it to another document with a lengthy list of tools.

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