RAIL makes information literacy in liberal arts education easy

RAIL provides Recipes for Advancing Information Literacy. By offering an open, multi-disciplinary collection of SMART recipes (Simple, Modular, Assessable, Reproducible, and Tested) that can be integrated into any curriculum, it brings information literacy to the forefront of liberal arts education. I’ll be trying out the ‘Designing large-format posters’ recipe.

A colleague at the College of Wooster has been collaborating on a NITLE Innovation Studio project called RAIL: Recipes for Advancing Information Literacy. It’s a tool for helping faculty learn about and implement information literacy projects into their courses. The recipes are really smart; that is they are Simple, Modular, Assessable, Reproducible, and Tested.

There are many types of recipes: data visualization, info discovery, info evaluation, info management, and info visualization. Some that look interesting are Researching with Zotero, Track Citations with Google Scholar, and Creating Concept Maps.

The one I’m most interested in is also the most recently added: Designing Large-Format Posters. This is a skill that I am asked to teach a few times a year, so it’s also a recipe I can try out soon.

Visitors to the site may comment on and rate recipes. You’ll need an account on the site to add your own recipes. The project was developed by a team made up of faculty and edtech staff from SUNY Geneseo, Muhlenberg College, Vassar College, and The College of Wooster.

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