Quiet times filled with music

Like at other colleges, summer is a quiet time to work on projects that would be harder to focus on during the busy-ness of the academic year. This week, especially with the mid-week holiday, has been really quiet. The lack of interruptions and other requests has allowed me to create a dashboard report for Academic Advising and to get our campus radio station running on its own server with a player embedded on its new web site:

radio player

One of the characteristics of my work as Instructional Technologist at OWU is that I’m a generalist and must advise and/or work with many things, from writing elaborate Excel functions and database programming to managing large classroom renovations or LMS upgrades and everything in between. This keeps the job exciting and demands that I keep my skills sharp and stay on top of the constantly evolving field of educational technology. Every once in a while I get a project that’s right up my alley as to personal interests. Re-launching the OWU radio station has been one of those projects.

I originally attended an open meeting early last fall for anyone interested in being a DJ for the station. I was hoping to start a weekly EarthDance Delaware radio show to play some uplifting, upbeat music and promote the event. I didn’t hear back from the student station manager for months. Sometime in mid-winter the faculty advisor asked me to help out with technical problems in getting the station back up and running. My co-worker had re-imaged the computer in the station, but he knew nothing of streaming radio software. In the months since then I’ve become the resident SHOUTcast expert, setting up a streaming server first on the Windows computer in the station then on a dedicated Linux server in our data center. The station is currently shuffling through my personal music library, and I recorded the station ID spots.

In the past I’d sometimes fancied myself a frustrated DJ. On the other hand I’ve written and performed as a singer-songwriter on several occasions. And last year I actually was the DJ for EarthDance Delaware. So, although it’s been fun, in the fall when the students return to manage the station I’ll train them on the new system and let them take over the programming. I’ll then get a smaller, more focused weekly program that I’ll enjoy no less than running the whole station on my own.

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