How students use technology

I’m on a spring break mission trip with nine students and one other adviser to Chicago to study firsthand interfaith relations. I may (or may not) reflect on the interfaith mission in my personal blog. Here, I would like to chronicle how we’re using technology, especially how the students are using it on their own.

  • One of the students has given up Facebook for Lent, and has lamented that more than once.
  • On the bus and on the train, texting takes place.
  • Someone had a compass app on their smart phone to tell us which way to go when the bus dropped us off a few blocks from the stop.
  • Map apps were helpful in finding our way around a new city, and a very large one at that.
  • A student brought his laptop so he could finish a paper that was due on Friday.
  • The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has a mobile site and a mobile app that helped us plan our day travels.
  • Google image search was used to show pictures of a tamarind tree while we tried dried tamarind pods for the first time.
  • A girl used her phone to record our rehearsal when we were spontaneously asked to join the choir. She then shared it with several of us through multi-media text messages.
  • Phone cameras were used a lot to take pictures of the town and the team. The pictures will eventually make it to Facebook.
  • Using the Chromebook I brought, I was able to see pictures of the ball my daughters went to yesterday, pics they had uploaded to Facebook.
  • I’m using that same Chromebook to post these observations to Blogger, utilizing the church where we’re staying’s WiFi network.
How do you observe your students using technology?

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