Food for thought and further conversation

Will the Digital Revolution finally transform higher education? That’s a topic of much speculation and enthusiastic debate.¬†Adrian Sannier, in the latest Educause Review, asks “If not now, when?”

I like how he describes the industry of education improving faster and more dramatically than individual people are capable of, instead of individual teachers improving over the course of their careers at human scale. That’s exciting, especially given that we’re a part of making it happen.

His discussion of education moving beyond the LMS was especially pertinent, as OWU has just begun (and I will be coordinating) a discussion on that very matter. ¬†And rather than starting with the question of what’s better and cheaper than Blackboard, we started (as Instructional Technologists are prone to do) by backing up and asking what educational objectives we are trying to enhance with technology. Taking this approach allows us to then ask whether another LMS–which some see as a behemoth of an ERP that strives to be all things to all users–or a best-of-class approach–utilizing different systems for different tasks–would be better for us.

We’re just wrapping up a multi-year ERP migration where we moved from a monolithic Jenzabar system to five new systems for different departments. Doing something different (than Blackboard) for edtech would fit right in with OWU 2.0.

…but we’ll have to see how the conversation proceeds…

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