The whirlwind begins to subside

The first week of classes is over. Whew! There is a lot of excitement in Information Services.

We’ve hired a talented group of student workers who show a lot of promise, several of whom are freshmen or sophomores we hope to retain for a few years. Of course, this means I have to switch into management mode after doing everything myself through the summer. This then leads to me having more time to work with faculty, and assistance in large projects, such as managing the classroom equipment inventory.

We are currently testing a WordPress server and plan to have it ready for production next week. There are plans to use this for communication/collaboration within the Course Connections and to market the new curricular initiatives. Certainly WordPress will find other uses in classes and on campus.

Thanks to a significant bequest to the Economics Department, several of the classrooms in the Corns Building are getting upgraded audio-visual equipment, including flat panel LED screens in two of the seminar rooms. The large multipurpose room will be getting an additional projector facing the east wall, and the computer lab will finally be getting a ceiling-mounted projector. The installation work begins Monday.

Besides the usual technical training workshops for faculty and staff, there will be several Blackboard workshops offered, some informal lunch & learn conversations, and I will be available to observe teachers in their classes to make suggestions and recommendations for their using technology more effectively and/or efficiently.

Along with all that there is the usual excitement of the start of a new academic year, the expectations and interests of a new incoming class, and the hopes and interests of the new faculty. And on that note, let me share this year’s Beloit Mindset List that describes the worldview of the incoming class:


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