New Blog

OWU BishopApps just got a lot more exciting.  Google has opened up the floodgates on almost all their online services to their Google Applications customers, including us.  So this blog that you’re reading is actually part of OWU BishopApps.  And so is Reader, Picasa, YouTube, and many, many more.  I’m sure to share more about this in the near future.  But, in the meantime, I’ve got a new blog to customize.

In this blog I will be sharing success stories and lessons learned at OWU using technology in education.  This is also a place to find out and comment on what’s going on at other institutions as to their use of instructional technology.  Please add your comments.  This works best as a conversation rather than a monologue.

And if we don’t talk again until after the new year, Happy Holidays!

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