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How do I forward my work phone to another phone number?

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Telephone Instructions

Telephone Instructions for Students, Faculty and Administration, and Staff:

Forward Work Phone to Home or Cell

If you would like to forward your work extension to forward to your cell/home phone please follow these instructions:

-Lift handset or press SPEAKER button (if the number you want to forward isn’t the 1st button, open that line up by pressing it’s corresponding button).

-Dial #9 and the number you want to forward to.

* Example. If you want to forward to your home phone in Delaware, you would dial #9 9-740-555-1234.

* If you want to forward to a non-local number, you would dial #9 8-1-XXX-555-1234.

-Hang up

To Cancel Call forwarding:

-Lift handset or press SPEAKER (again, if your extension isn’t the first button, open that line)

-Dial ##9

-Hang up

Any further questions, please call the Help Desk at x3120 or 740-368-3120 from off campus.

To Place an Internal Call

1. Lift handset or press [Speaker].
2. Dial the 4-digit extension.